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Cold Rolling Mills

Cold Rolling Mills (i.e. cold reduction machine) is a kind of equipment which is used to cold-roll to material such as carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel (reduce hot rolled coils of higher gauges to required thinner gauges).


Our Nantong Reliantt Co. is supplier of Cold Rolling Mill Equipment for rolling ferrous and non-ferrous products as per design & specification of the customer.


Rolled sheet metal is an important material in modern manufacturing, rolled products are found everywhere in our daily lives. We design and engineer cold rolling mills comprise of mill stand, gear boxes, drive systems, coil loading device with uncoiler, entry & exit tables, measuring and control devices, coil removal system, coolant supply systems, centralized lubrication systems, hydraulic system and complete electrical equipment.



The mills are custom designed depending on the material being rolled, thickness and width requirements, production capacity, mode of operation (reversing or non-reversing) and other inputs.


Our range of Cold Rolling Mills include:

Cold Rolling Mills (6-Hi, 4-Hi, Tandem)
Skin Pass/ Temper Pass Mills

These mills are designed for making sheet / strip of medium hardness or to give finish pass.


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