Wire Processing Line


Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Wire Mesh Welding Machine


1.Auto welding ,high reliability , high speed, large production capacity. low labor consumption
2.Many styles for different use
 types: GWC4000/GWC3300/GWC2800/GWC2600/GWC2400
           GWC-900XM  GWC1200XM  GWC1500XM(1.8-3MM)
Use: fencing mesh (highway, railway, hill protection), guard rail mesh, building roof pouring mesh, enclosure mesh , floor heat preserving mesh, seed bed mesh, flower room mesh, agriculture and poultry mesh, farming mesh, construction mesh
 1.CNC line wire auto feeding to maximize productivity
 2.Line wire vertical straightening system to provide high quality
 3.Line wire cnc wheel-step design to guarantee the grid accuracy
 4.Line wire loop and balance system to ensure mesh accuracy
 5.Cross wire feeding automatically
 6.Electrode direct circuit design to enhance welding capacity
 7.Electrode lift system to extend his life
 8.High speed air cylinder  (import)
 9.Welding  pressure stepless adjustment to apply different diameter
 10.Mesh cutting system at 120 times/min
 11.Mesh turning, stacking and conveying automatically
 12.The main part and control system for import bands(SIEMENS , MITSUBISHI, YASKAWA, SCHNEIDER ,MOLLER ETC)


Technical data




Max. mesh width 

1200 [mm]

Line wire spacing 

≥ 25 [mm], stepless adjustable

Cross wire pitches 

≥ 25 [mm], stepless adjustable

Line wire diameter

1.8 – 3 [mm]

Cross wire diameter

1.8 – 3 [mm]

Max. welding capacity

3 + 3 [mm]

Max. working speed

30 – 60 [cross wire no°/min]

Welding electrode no°


Installed power - welding

150 [KVA]

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