Stop Cutting Rollformer


Standing Seam RFM



This auto tapered and straight seam roll forming machine is used to form the pre-painted sheet/GI/GA and aluminum material to be the standing seam.

It is composed of the hydraulic un-coiler, polythene film-on device, motorized lateral shearing device, longitudinal slitting device, central rib forming unit, taper roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting machine (for straight profile), PLC control system, product rack, seaming machine etc.




A.Straight Seam

The convex/concave curing machine for standing seam profile is controlled by PLC automatically with high working efficiency, big span of the arch adjustment, convenient handle and high grade safe factor. It configures with encoder / inverter / servo motors and is able to produce the sheet with different consecutive radius and options for concave / convex by parameter-setting through touch screen.


B.Tapered Seam


The auto taper curing machine for standing swam profile is controlled by PLC automatically. Consecutive Multi-radians are available in one piece of profile by inputting all the curving radios, arc lengths into touch screen and tapered angle will be automatically gotten from calculating front /back width and profile length input. In addition, this equipment takes on revising functions to width/angle/radian in controlling system so that easy to adjust and use. SIEMENS SYSTEM


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