Stop Cutting Rollformer


Roof,Wall Panel RFM

Different roof panel forming machines can produce different shapes of steel roof wall sheets according to the client’s profile drawings and requirements. The steel roof, wall sheets are new building materials with various thickness and colors. The finished products are used as the roof and walls of gymnasiums, airports, theatres, factories, warehouses, garages, exhibition centers etc.


The complete machine includes the uncoiler, main forming machine, computer controlling system and run out tables.



1. Q.S.C (quick stand changeable ) system
Like the cassette shift, the roll forming machinery produces a variety of goods on top of the running frame. We have made it possible to change goods within 40 minutes with one touch clutch when the cassette is changed.

2. Auto Stacker
Pneumatic Stacker: It takes “L type swing beam arm” stacker, which equipped with the “bottom pallet to be pull out by motor driven” for intermittence running.


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