Cut to Length & Slitting Line


Stainless Steel CTL

* RTSC Stainless Steel Cut to Length Line (i.e. leveling line, blanking line or shearing line) is used for processing the stainless steel coils through decoiling, leveling & cutting then turned into flattened plate with desired length in the applications of automobiles, containers, household electric appliances, foodstuff, packing materials & building materials.

* It takes the centralized control with CNC control system.

* The cutting length, speed, pieces are all designed & controlled by the program.

* When it works automatically, the computer controls the whole process of leveling & shearing to compensate the error.

* When the need shearing number is reached the line can stop automatically.

* The line speed can be adjusted, it has a gauge with high precision, and whole line can work automatically and operate easily, smooth sheet can be made.



Flow Chart

Storage platform --- coil lifter --- hydraulic decoiler --- film recoiler system --- snubber roller --- pinch roll & leveler --- loop bridge/ conveyor --- side guide roller --- precision leveler --- measuring roller --- shearer --- conveyor --- hydraulic lift platform --- stacker --- unload cart




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