Cut to Length & Slitting Line


Heavy Duty Slitting Line

1.This Slitting Line is used for processing the hot rolled steel coils less than 20mm thickness through decoiling and slitting and then turned into steel strip coils with desired width with semi-autoimmunization.

2.This whole line is composed of coil lifter, decoiler, snubber roller, pre-   leveler, small accumulator (loop bridge with conveyor), side guide device, slitting    machine, scrap recoiler, large accumulator, damping (tension) device, recoiler,    pressing & separator device, support for recoiler, unload carts, hydraulic &    electrical system.

3.It adopts centralized control by PLC, with single, manual & automatic operation. Equips with the touch screen, the operations is much more convenient. Also because of the centralized control of the whole line, it can adjust the line speed in accordance for meeting different demands of variable thickness.





Hot Rolled Steel Coil


1-4mm; 2-6mm; 2-8mm;

2-10mm; 3-12mm; 4-16mm; 6-20mm


1600 / 2000 / 2200 mm


20 / 25 / 30 T




 We also supply the high speed slitting line for material less than 3mm thickness, low speed slitting machine, cut to length machine, cut to length and slitting line, tube mills, various roll forming lines.

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