Tube Welding Line


SS Tube Making & Polishing Line

Stainless steel pipe making machine is designed for manufacturing stainless steel straight welded pipe for metallurgy, construction, transportation, and machinery and vehicle industries. It adopts long steel strip as the material to manufacture steel pipes according to requested size by cold rolled forming and argon arc welding method. To be specific, the stainless steel pipe production line can produce round pipe, square and rectangular tube, as well as section steel through cold rolled forming and TIG welding technology.

The machine is designed featuring easy and safe to operate, low maintenance, and cost reduction, reducing and high production. The stainless steel pipe, which allows flatting, forming, welding, annealing, polishing, sizing, straightening, finishing, cutting, and unloading at one time for production.

Process Flow
Slit coil --- Un-coiler --- Forming --- Argon -arc Welding --- Grinding --- Cutting saw --- Straightener ---Polishing Machine --- Run out table --- Finishing --- Pipe collecting and packaging

Machine Configuration
(1) Double-head decoiler
(2) Forming & Sizing
(3) TIG Welder
(4) Seam Grinding Device 
(5) Turkey’s head (for straightening)
(6) On-line tracking (oil and gas hybrid) Cutting Saw
(7) Run out Unit
(8) Polishing Machine
















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