SS Polishing & Grinding Line


No.4 & HL Grinding Line(Coil)


1. This line is used for processing the stainless steel as grinding so as to reach the No.4 & HL finish.
2. The separate and the combined working of different parts are all controlled by the control system & PLC.
3. The dry (wet) operation is including decoiling, leveling, grinding, film laying & recoiling etc.


Process Flow
Coil Lifter --- Decoiler (with CPC centering device) --- (Paper Winder) --- Pinch Roll & Leveler --- Hydraulic Shear 1# --- Grinding --- Film Laying Device --- Pinch Roll --- Hydraulic Shear 2# --- Damping Device --- Recoiler (with EPC centering device) --- Unload Car --- Paper Laying Device


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