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Cable Tray RFM

The Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine is capable of making different sizes of cable trays. The cable trays produced by our Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine are widely used in factories and other buildings because of their accurate construction and robustness. Our Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine is easy to operate as are manufactured as per the industrial parameters. We can supply the coil RFM or plate RFM.

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Consists Of
1. Active hydraulic decoiler (optional)
2. Sheet leveling equipment
3. Punching machine (optional)
4. Roll forming system
5. Cutting equipment (optional)
6. Hydraulic station
7. Electric controlling system and supporter for product


Working Flow
Decoiling the sheet --- Feeding steel sheet --- Leveling sheet --- Punching sheet --- Roll forming the profile --- Measuring length and cutting the sheet --- Product to the supporter


Meanwhile, we can supply the cable tray cover roll forming machines also.


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