Section/Pipe Bending


Profile Bending Machine

JW-50S ---- JW-159S

1. The two lower rollers can elevate around the fixed axis. This machine can bend and rectify all kinds of profile by feeding once
2. The three rollers are driving-roller, so it can prevent skidding while bending profile with thin wall and big section
3. It has support rollers and rotating device, so it’s convenient to bend unsymmetrical profile
4. It has reasonable structure, complete functions and takes up a small area.
5. It has digital display, convenient operation and high efficiency
6. It’s economical and practical as this machine can bend various of profile with different section only by changing relative mould.



JW-168S ---- JW-273S

1. Processes hydraulic transmission with compact form and high reliability.
2. Do not skid easily with three rollers drive and can roll material with thin wall thickness.
3. Can feeding in both sides
4. This machine drives stable and can processing different round, arc and spire.
5. It can process different profiles like angle iron, flat iron, round pipe and other different sections.
6. It can produce profiles with large radius without making super size molds.

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