CR Coil Processing Line


Pickling Line

The HR coil, which is the basic raw material, is passed through the pickling line to remove the oxides or scales from strop surface to enable further reduction of thickness to desired level in cold rolling mills.


This processing is required since rust in formed on the surface of the coils at room temperature whereas scales are formed at high temperature during rolling in hot strip mill.


1. Ferric Oxide will form on the surface layer of the steel strip during the hot rolling, and the layer of Ferric Oxide is crisp and hard
2. If it exits on the surface of the strip, it will decrease the surface quality of cold rolling strip
3. Layer of Ferric Oxide must be removed before cold rolling
4. Pickling processing is competent for the task
5. Professional in this technology



Component of Pickling Line:
1) Coil lifter 
2) Decoiler  
3) Guide and shovel device 
4) Pinch roll and 3-roll straightener (steel frame)
5) Hydraulic shearing machine
6) Centering welding platform
7) Pinch roll and derusting device  
8) Loop bridge (supply by user) 
9) Guide & pinch roll and leveler
10) Pickling groove 
11) Extrude acid roll  
12) Cleaning groove (supply by user)
13) Scrub machine
14) Passivation groove
15) Extrude to dry roll (steel frame)
16) Hydraulic shearing machine
17) Vertical roll centering device 
18) 3-roll expansion machine & inunction device
19) Recoiler
20) Unload car


We can also supply the push-pull type/ continuous type pickling line, 4-HI/ 6-HI Reversible Cold Rolling Mills (Cold Reduction Machine), tandem rolling mills, slitting line, cut to length line etc.

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