• HF Round,Rectangle, Square

    We design and produce ERW tube forming mills (HF welding) for carbon steel material from round to round/square/rectangle and also directly from square to square. We also manufacture the stainless steel tube making and polishing line, different kinds of composite lines (stainless steel composite line, steel-pla…

  • HF Directly to Rectangle/ Square

    Square & Rectangle pipe mill is the special equipment to produce square and rectangle steel pipe. This equipment adopts the multipoint bending combined-type forming technology. One set of mould can produce all size of square and rectangle pipe. Compared with the traditional technology, the produce will have a g…

  • SS Tube Making & Polishing Line

    Stainless steel pipe making machine is designed for manufacturing stainless steel straight welded pipe for metallurgy, construction, transportation, and machinery and vehicle industries. It adopts long steel strip as the material to manufacture steel pipes according to requested size by cold rolled forming and …

  • Rolls

    We can supply the rolls (together with the spacers, clamps, and sample plate) for the tube mills or for roll forming machines for the customers if get the drawings of the rolls. With our abundant experience and mature technology, we can also make the drawing according to some parameter information of the machine.

  • Composite Tube Mill Line

    The stainless steel-carbon steel composite tube mill line is the equipment to form the carbon-stainless steel tubes by rolls with the raw material of stainless less and quality carbon structural steel bimetal.

  • Aluminum Tube Making Line

    We produce the aluminum pipe making line used for producing aluminum pipe, hollow glass aluminum crosser (aluminum spacer bar making machine), aluminum clad for automobile water tank etc.

  • Tube Piercing Machine

    High Speed NC Control Single Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Tube Piercing Machine

  • Double Layer RFM

    This machine can be used to produce 2 different profiles of corrugated steel sheets (2 wall & roof sheets) or 1 wall & roof sheet and 1 floor decking sheet. It makes two different metal sheets without changing any rollers or cutting dies because there are two sets of rollers in this machine.

  • Roof,Wall Panel RFM

    Different roof panel forming machines can produce different shapes of steel roof wall sheets according to the client’s profile drawings and requirements. The steel roof, wall sheets are new building materials with various thickness and colors. The finished products are used as the roof and walls of gymnasiums, …

  • Roof Tile RFM

    We manufacture wide range products of metal sheet cold roll forming machine for: roof/wall panel, roof tile, floor decking, purline (C/ Z/ M), cable trays, upright/beam, rainspout, gutter, metaldeck scaffolding, photovoltaic installations, sandwich panel (EPS/rock wool; PU; 3D panel) etc. We have double layer…

  • C,Z,M Purline RFM

    The C shaped purlin formed by this machine has excellent anti-bending property and are easy to install. They are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden and so on.

  • Cable Tray RFM

    The Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine is capable of making different sizes of cable trays. The cable trays produced by our Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine are widely used in factories and other buildings because of their accurate construction and robustness.

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