• Upright RFM

    We supply steel upright roll forming machine with automatic control which can produce various profiles by one machine.

  • Rainspout RFM

    This series of drainpipe machine and elbow machine you can use to color plate to raw materials by cold forming, automatic lockstitch made closed after downpipes, color and playing back into different complementary angle of drainpipe elbow.

  • Gutter RFM

    The products produced by the gutter roll forming machine is widely used in factory, workshop, garage, warehouse, locomotive shed, hanger, exhibition building, cinema, theatre, stadium, garden etc.

  • Floor Decking RFM

    The metal deck produced by deck forming machine has high strength with big wave length. It adheres well to concrete. Used on high building, it not only saves steel mold plate, but also reduces the weight of storey. With the same bearing capacity, it economized steel and cuts down investment accordingly.

  • Sandwich Panel RFM

    The production line is semi-automatic manufacturing heat insulation sandwich panels. Machine Feature - H plate, tong & groove panel plate production available - Corrugated panel with various joints option available - EPS or rock wool & glass wool panel available

  • Standing Seam RFM

    This auto tapered and straight seam roll forming machine is used to form the pre-painted sheet/GI/GA and aluminum material to be the standing seam. It is composed of the hydraulic un-coiler, polythene film-on device, motorized lateral shearing device, longitudinal slitting device, central rib forming unit, ta…

  • Accessories

    1. CNC Slitter & Folder 1. Material: PPGI, GI 2. Material thickness: max. 1.0mm 3. Material width: 4m/6m/8m

  • Metaldeck Scaffolding RFM

    Metal deck scaffolding is revolutionary metal decking access platform for tubular scaffolds since fist introduces, has established a reputation for reliable and safe performance. The strong yet lightweight galvanized metal scaffold deck is now used extensively throughout the industry in place of conventional ti…

  • Photovolatic RFM

    Photovoltaic solar support automatic production line, supporting rack profile with many section specifications can be produced through switching, profiles can be changed quickly and conveniently, one worker can operate the whole line. PLC centralized control the whole lines uncoiling, leveling& feeding, punchin…

  • C & Sigma

    RT C & Sigma steel profile automatic high speed(40m/min,includes cutting & punching) rollformer---Width adjustable with motor, multiple profiles can be produced through quick adjustment. PLC central control whole line, includes uncoiler, loop, leveler & feeder, puncher, pre-cutter, quick adjust roll former, serv…

  • Deck/Roof (40m/min)

    RT70-320-921 deck/roof panel NC high speed(40m/min, includes cutting) rollformer---Cassette type, multiple profiles can be produced through quick change cassette. PLC central control whole line, includes loading, uncoiler, pre-cutter, roll forming, servo flying cutter, stacker, discharging. HIM operating, the w…

  • Deck Floor (25m/min)

    RT deck floor production line (25m/min) ---Cassette type, it can produce various profiles through adding the quick-change cassettes. The whole line can be controlled by remote controller and covered by integral guard. The machine is complying with European Union’s safety standards and has been approved by CE.

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