• Double Action Press

    1. Computer optimized design, 4-column type or straight side structure 2. 8-fold guide-way featuring high directing precision and eccentric load resistance 3. Imported seal rings for reliable and long service life time 4. Rolling table for quick die change

  • C Type Press

    1. Computer optimized vertical C-frame structure with high rigidity 2. Attractive and neat appearance, with driving system inside the frame 3. Manual directional control valve is adopted in hydraulic system for easy speed regulation

  • C Type Inclinable Press

    1. Adopts cast-iron body 2. Equips with rigid rotated bond clutch 3. Takes shearing block protector 4. Stroke adjustable (optional)

  • C Type Single Point Press

    1. Steel welded structure 2. Adopts with combined pneumatic friction clutch 3. Six-face rectangle lengthen guide 4. Shearing block protector

  • C Type Two Point Press

    1. Steel welded structure 2. Suitable for multiple dies automatic line and multi level dies continuous punching 3. Double crankshaft pitmen totally eliminating side forces by reverses rotation 4. Combined dry multi discs friction clutch 5. Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication 6. Six-face rectan…

  • H Type Two Point Press

    1. Steel welded structure 2. Double crankshaft pitmen totally eliminating side forces by reverses rotation 3. Dry friction clutch 4. Eight-face rectangle lengthen guide 5. Equips with hydraulic overload protecting device 6. Stroke Adjustable (optional)

  • Fin Press Line

    1. Consists of unroller, oil tank, fin press, vacuum sucker, stacker and relevant electrical control system 2. Imported PLC, counter and contact point free cam controller are adopted to meet the requirements of counting the fins cut collected as well as the function of progress change 3. Equipped with hydraul…

  • Feeding Device(for Coil)

    The machine has the combined functions of material rest (decoiler), straightening machine and NC material feeder, thus significantly reducing the area occupied by the prior material feeder.

  • Hydraulic Iron Worker

    1. Bolted and welded steel mono-block construction 2. 2-cylinder version (simultaneous working) with 5 station: hole punching; plate shearing; angle shearing; round/square bar chopping; notching 3. Adjustable stroke complete with rules at punch and shear end 4. Swing-away punch stripper

  • CNC Turret Punching

    1. MP10 series CNC turret Punch is of enclosure structure (ZL2004 2 0108852.4), which receives tempering treatment. 2. German H+L hydraulic system enjoys reliable performance and low power consumption (11KW) CNC system FANUC Oip or SIEMENS 840D is used on this series punch. 3. The turret (ZL 02 2 18211.X) f…

  • Notching Machine

    1. High efficiency, low-noise, 2. Well hydraulic control, 3. Easy to operate, the angle90, 4. Excellent quality The machine can be the shear plate into 90 degrees, the main structure is composed of steel plate integral welding sturdiness and durability, only marking machine wearing tool can meet the proc…

  • CNC Bus Bar Punch Unit

    MZ series bar bending unit is the specialized equipment for the bending of bus bar, metal bar, metal tube or sheet metal etc. by using different bending tooling, the machine can realize horizontal bending, vertical bending, twist bending and U-type bending etc. Angle and displacement measurement can make compen…

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