Tubeformer (air duct former)


  • Ovalizer Tubeformer

    Ovalizer tubeformer can make the smooth and corrugated round spiral duct to flat and oval duct. It is controlled by PLC, and operation panel with LCD stores all parameters so that it can be easy for recalling by the operator when required.

  • Spiral Tubeformer

    Spiral Tubeformer RTTF-1500 1. Special mould for various tube diameters, very easy to change and adjust, no need crane or too much manpower 2. Large diameter range 3. High speed synchro flying cutting system 4. PLC control, convenient operation 5. Light and small, size work 6. Perfect swage, without leakage

  • Automatic Tubeformer

    Automatic Line-III RTAL-III Line III consists of two electrical feeding metal frame, leveler grooving roller, hydraulic notch and punch square machine, hydraulic shearer and folder. The electrical control system uses a computer with a closed loop servo-system to increase the precision and reliability of the l…

  • Elbow Forming Machine

    Since 1980, when the first Gorelocker came onto the marker, many improvements like speed increase, closing system etc. have been integrated, but a real step ahead was only recently. This method and machine produce a now type of double seam (patent in most countries), what renders any gaskets or sealant unnece…

  • Flange Forming Machine

    TDC unit is one of the two universal flange making systems in the world. It can save time and material drastically with its wel-seal, strong and durable joint structure. So it is specially suitable for producing a duct with a large sectional area.

  • Lock Forming Machine

    Lock Forming Machine

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