SS Polishing & Grinding Line


  • 8K Mirror Polishing Line(Plate)

    1) This Stainless steel 8K Mirror Auto polishing line have Advanced grinding technology, can machining Stainless steel (2B,BA) sheet. 2) Machine model have 32 grinding head,40 grinding head,,48 grinding head,. 3) Whole production line including control center, grinding machine, Washing machine, Drying machine…

  • No.4 Grinding Line(Plate)

    This equipment is used to process stainless steel oil abrasive alabaster finishing sheet (No.4). The machine process modes defined as sand band wheel includes one group of sand band, two groups of sand band and three groups of sand band. A set of machine includes an oil grinder, a cleaner, a coating machine, a …

  • HL Grinding Line(Plate)

    This equipment is used for the process of stainless steel straight line drawing sheet (HI) include grinding type of 4 groups and 5 groups with roller drive. A ser of machine include a polishing machine, a coating machine, a set of delivery table and an electric cabinet.

  • 8K Mirror Polishing Line(Coil)

    This Equipment is designed for specialized processing of stainless steel rolled plate and mirror face plate (8k) and can fabricate 2B and BA face of stainless steel into mirror face (8K). The complete set include one polishing machine, one cleaning and drying machine, one laminating machine, one grinding and li…

  • No.4 & HL Grinding Line(Coil)

    1. This line is used for processing the stainless steel as grinding so as to reach the No.4 & HL finish. 2. The separate and the combined working of different parts are all controlled by the control system & PLC. 3. The dry (wet) operation is including decoiling, leveling, grinding, film laying & recoiling etc.

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