Wire Processing Line


  • Wire Drawing Machine

    This machine is used to draw high carbon/middle carbon/low carbon wires and non-ferrous metal wires of diameter smaller than dia.36. It is mainly applied in standard cold heading, the suppliers of automobile parts, high carbon steel wire and cable companies. It is inverter controlled, with smooth drawing. The m…

  • Wire Mesh Welding Machine

    Wire Mesh Welding Machine welding ,high reliability , high speed, large production capacity. low labor consumption 2.many styles for different use types: GWC4000/GWC3300/GWC2800/GWC2600/GWC2400 (3-6MM,5-12MM) GWC-900XM GWC1200XM GWC1500XM(1.8-3MM) Use: fencing mesh (hi…

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