Sheet Rolling Machine


  • Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine

    Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine is including symmetrical type and asymmetrical type. Symmetric structure 1. Top roller moves vertically with lead screw and worm gear 2. Bottom rollers rotates by motor 3. With the help of other equipment for pre-bending Asymmetric three-roller structure 1. Top roller rot…

  • Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine

    1. The top roll can move vertically as well as horizontally. 2. With end pre-bending is finished with high precision by moving the top roll and making it unsymmetrical position with two bottom rolls. 3. Two bottom rolls are driven by the motor and decelerator for rolling the plate. 4. It is controlled by PLC…

  • 4-Roller Plate Rolling Machine

    The structure of the machine is four roll type, the top roller give priority to drive, through the reducer gear and the output of the roller gear meshing, provides torque with screw sheet, the next roller lift vertically,through the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic oil within in the role of the piston and g…

  • Auxiliary (rotator & manipulator)

    1.Self-aligned welding rotator suitable for different diameter products 2.With stepless speed adjust 3.Low noise transmission 4.Stable turning under the welding parameter in the range 1.The manipulator adopts frequency conversion control for the movement of the boom 2.Different type: stationary type, sta…

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