Machine Tools


  • Lathe

    Horizontal Lathe: Gears in headstock precisely ground to reduce noise, Electric system is reliable and safe.

  • Drilling / Milling Machine

    1. Milling, drilling, tapping, boring, reaming 2. Headstock up & down by power 3. Wide and big table 4. Worktable power feed 5. Spindle rotate highness speed 6. Micro feed precision 7. Heavy-duty tapered roller bearing spindle 8. Positive spindle lock 9. Adjustable gibs on table

  • Surface Grinding Machine

    This machine mainly uses the wheel periphery for surface grinding, and the end surfaces can also be used for grinding grooves and the side of projections, featuring high grinding accuracy and surface finish.

  • Band Saw

    Model G4028A horizontal band saw machine is mainly applied to cut all kinds of metallic material and non-metallic material. It can meet user’s requirement of cutting-off all kinds of material that dimension is less than 280mm. And it is a kind of cutting-off equipment indispensable for mechanical industry

  • Spot Welding Machine

    1. Adopts microprocessor control . 2. Has dual function of spot weld and convex weld . 3. The output voltage can be regulated randomly. 4. The welding speed is quick and the efficiency of welding is high. 5. The machine itself can stand impact and shock . 6. Setting a indicating light for welding state.

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